Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clip clop!

Driving along a country road near Grandma Minnie's hometown, I heard the clip-clop of horses hooves. Sure enough, ahead of me on the road was a horse and buggy trotting along at a pretty good pace. On the rear of the buggy an orange triangle cautioned drivers to take note of the slow-moving vehicle. Aside from the orange warning sign, the sight was not so different from that of a hundred or more years ago in the Mohawk Valley.

This buggy was driven by an Amish farmer near Palatine Bridge, an area in central New York State where a number of Amish families have settled.

For a story about how Minnie's father drove a similar buggy along country roads to deliver the mail, see the earlier post based on reminiscences recorded by Minnie's younger brother Frederic in 1976.

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