Sunday, May 31, 2015

Index to Recipes

Well, after almost five years, I've decided to retire from this blog to move on to other projects! It's been fun trying out hundred-year-old recipes from my grandmothers. I hope readers have enjoyed reading the stories and recipes as much as I have enjoyed writing and cooking.

(Well, that is, I'm pretty much retiring from the blog. I may post something again from time to time, but no longer as regularly as I have been doing up to now. Unless of course, I come across yet another heirloom cookbook that I can't resist trying out . . . who knows?!)

For anyone who would like to go back and find any of the recipes, I've added an index below.

Grandma Vanden Bergh's Recipes:

Aardappel croquetjes met ham 3/13/2011
Aardappelsla: Dutch Potato Salad 6/23/2013
Assorted Fruit Compote 6/20/2012
Beef Top Round Steak 6/5/2011
Bietensla: Dutch Beet Salad 8/24/2014
Bloemkool au gratin 4/24/2011
Bloemkoolsoep: Cauliflower Soup 11/23/2014
Cucumber and Egg Salad 6/19/2011
Drie in de Pan 1/22/2012
Dutch Apple Cake 5/29/2011
Dutch Apple Fritters 10/28/2012
Dutch Sand Cookies 3/24/2011
Fruit Soups 6/24/2012
Gebakken Vis: Fried Fish 11/2/2013
Gestoofde Kabeljauw: Baked Codfish 10/26/2014
Gezeefde Witte Boonensoep: White Bean & Leek Soup 10/27/2013
Hutspot met Klapstuk: Stew with beef rib 5/22/2011
Kerrysoep van Bruine Boonen: Curry Soup with Brown Beans 1/26/2014
Kerrysoep van witte boonen: White Bean Curry Soup 3/10/2013
Kippenkerrysoep:  Chicken curry soup 2/6/2011
Kippensoep 2/5/2012
Koffiepudding: Coffee Pudding 3/22/2015
Macaroni with Ham and Cheese 1/29/2012
Oliebollen: Dutch Doughnuts 1/1/2013
Preisoep: Leek Soup 11/23/2014
Simple White Bean Soup 5/15/2011
Snijbonen met aardappelen en rookworst 2/3/2011
Stamppot with Apples and Bacon 10/30/2011
Stamppot with Endive 11/13/2011
Steamed Pears 6/3/2012
Varkenskarbonaden: Pork Chops 4/1/2012
White Asparagus 11/18/2012
Winterwortelen: Winter Carrots 2/20/2011
Worteltjes en Spruitjes: Carrots and Sprouts 1/27/2013

Grandma Minnie's Recipes: (includes recipes from other relatives on Minnie's side of the family)

Ambrosia 4/8/2012
Apple Fritters 2/27/2011
Apple Upside Down Cake 5/29/2011
Applesauce Cake  2/9/2014
Baked Salmon Loaf 4/20/2014
Beulah's Apple Betty 4/27/2014
Blueberry Tea Cake 8/21/2011
Blueberry Tea Cake 8/26/2012
Cherry Cake 2/20/2012
Christmas Plum Pudding 12/31/2014
Cocoanut Cake 3/4/2012
Coconut Drop Cookies 2/10/2013
Coffee Cake 5/8/2011
Corn Pudding 5/26/2011
Eccles Cakes 11/30/2014
Economical Sponge Cake 9/8/2013
Escalloped Potatoes 3/6/2011
Farley's Dutch Cake 4/3/2011
Fruit and Nut Conserves 11/6/2011
Ginger Pear 6/10/2012
Grandma Minnie's Dandelion Wine 7/21/2013
Johnny Cake 2/12/2012
Kittie's Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies 5/12/2013
Meatloaf (from Vrooman) 5/1/2011
Minnie's Bran Muffins 4/7/2013
Molasses Cookies (from Vrooman) 12/24/2011
Nut Cake 1/8/2012
Oatmeal Cookies 8/5/2012
Pennsylvania Fruitcake 12/9/2012
Raspberry Cake 9/18/2011
Rose Jar 6/10/2013
Snickerdoodles 4/29/2012
Sour Milk Cake 1/15/2012
Sugar Cookies (Minnie) 5/12/2013
Tip-Top Cake 2/10/2011
White Fruitcake 12/9/2012